Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade
Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade

Diatomaceous Earth for Pests

Diatomaceous Earth is known to kill many bugs and insects.

It is reported to be one of the most effective and safest organic (non chemical) solutions when fighting pests like fleas, ants, cockroaches and even bed bugs.


Heavily spread Diatomaceous Earth in chickens dust bath areas helps prevent problems with lice.

If the chickens, ducks etc are in a confined cage, then liberally spread around the bottom of their cage.

You should also sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth around their roosting area to help kill and lice or mites which fall off during the night.

For smaller per bird species such as finches, budgerigars, parrots etc, you can also sprinkle lots of Diatomaceous Earth around the bottom of their cages.

If these are large ground based cages, then sprinkle plenty of Diatomaceous Earth on the ground inside the cage and around the outside of the cage.

Chickens can also have their feathers "dusted" directly with Diatomaceous Earth powder.


Honeybees and other beneficial insects (like bumble bees, Lady Beetles etc) have no way to protect themselves from the effects of Diatomaceous Earth.

So when you are applying Diatomaceous Earth to plants that flower and thus are likely to be visited by bees, please remember to avoid dusting the flowers directly.

Dogs Cats etc:

Again, sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth around where your pets tend to rest or sleep including if they have a rug or special sleeping location like a basket or dog box etc.

Diatomaceous Earth can be applied directly onto your pets for a short term "fix", but we do not recommend this as a long term daily treatment.

However, applying weekly is recommended especially if the pet has fungal infections or heat spots.

Getting rid of Aphids:

You have several options.

  • Lightly spritz the plant with water first and then dust Diatomaceous Earth onto the plant, avoiding the flowers see above
  • Use a vegetable oil first and the dust the plant with Diatomaceous Earth
  • Mix Diatomaceous Earth with water and using a fine strainer, remove the chunky bits, then using a spray bottle with a large spray nozzle, spray your plants.

Getting rid of Ants:

This is a good trick to use for ants.

You will need a spray bottle, some sugar, water and some fine Diatomaceous Earth powder.

  1. Mix 5 or 6 tablespoons of sugar in 1/2 litre of warm water and make sure it is deterrent.
  2. Spread out your Diatomaceous Earth powder either onto a selected area such as a baking pan or onto the ground where you want to apply the Diatomaceous Earth.
  3. Next, spray the Diatomaceous Earth powder with the sugary water.
  4. If you are using a baking pan, wait until dry and then collect into a bag and distribute where applicable.
  5. If you are spraying Diatomaceous Earth on the ground where you just spread out the Diatomaceous Earth powder, then you can simply leave.

The ants will take the Diatomaceous Earth back into their nests because of the sugar and the damage will be done there.

Getting rid of Termites:

A similar principal can be used for Termites as is used with common ants.

  • The difference is that you need to get some soft mouldy wood and grind it up into a powder.
  • Then strain out the big pieces with a fine cloth.
  • Next, spread out your Diatomaceous Earth powder and using a spray bottle, spray and mix the Diatomaceous Earth powder with the water.
  • Let dry
  • Next, find the Termites and break into their mound or network.
  • Using a dark plastic bag, add some mouldy flavoured Diatomaceous Earth powder and a little bit of water for moisture.
  • Bind this to the break you just made in the Termites network and cover again with some kind of dark material.
  • Bind this plastic bag with the entrance of the bag open to the Termites - to their opened network.
  • This bonding can usually be done with string (nylon not cellulose string).
  • The mouldy flavoured Diatomaceous Earth powder will attract the Termites and they will take this down to their storage chambers.
  • This will cause maximum damage and you can repeat this every week or so until the Termites have been Terminated.

Getting rid of Bed Bugs

Did you know that Bed Bugs hide during the day and come out at night when the lights are out?

They can hide in the corners of your carpet where it meets the wall, under your bed and even (commonly) in the electrical power sockets.

Sprinkle the Diatomaceous Earth powder around your bed where it meets the floor. Dust liberally using a "duster" is best.

Sprinkle the Diatomaceous Earth powder along the walls where the carpet joins the walls and add some extra under the power sockets. (bed bugs love to hide in power sockets for some reason)

If you have a powder duster, you should also do under your bed and also along the top of any woodwork of your bed.

Repeat until you no longer have bed bug problems.

This may take days or even weeks depending on the amount of bed bugs you have.


If you want to use the finest powder, uses a fine sieve and separate the larger Diatomaceous Earth powder from the finer powder. Then use the finely separated powder in the duster.

This will be less visible if you do not have carpet.

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Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade
Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade
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