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Diatomaceous Earth for Gardening

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The Diatomaceous Earth powder products listed here applies to farming and gardening.

Diatomaceous Earth assists in the control of aphids, white fly, beetles, caterpillars, mites, leaf hoppers, and others.

Use Diatomaceous Earth inside your home, greenhouse or outdoors on fruit trees, vegetables, flowers, grains and even grass, up to and including day of harvest.

For dry application of Diatomaceous Earth, use a duster and cover entire plant, apply to both top and bottom of leaf.

  • For young or smaller plants such as vegetables and other low ground crops, spread as little as 40 KG per Hectare is usually adequate.
  • For larger plants, such as trees, shrubs etc, 120 KG per Hectare is applied. (* 2.2 acres to 1 hectare)


Oil Pre-Spraying

Diatomaceous Earth may also be applied after spraying a very fine layer of vegetable oil (NOT PURE NEEM OIL *) to strategic parts of your plants – DO NOT apply the oil everywhere so that the plant can still "breathe".

If you apply oil all over the plant, it will suffocate. So please remember to apply lightly and sparsely.

After oiling the plant, lightly dust the Diatomaceous Earth onto the oiled part of the plants.

The oil will help protect against light rains as well.

If you are not sure how to do this, please research online and also "test" How To Do this before applying to all of your plants.

  • * Note: If you want to use Neem Oil as well, please make sure that it is diluted.

Water Pre-Spraying:

You can also pre-spray your plants with water just before dusting with Diatomaceous Earth.

This will have the effect of lightly bonding the Diatomaceous Earth powder to the leaves and stems but some will fall off when dry.

The remainder should be a fatal deterrent to caterpillar and other insects.


  • Diatomaceous Earth will need reapplication after rain.
  • Applies best very early AM when there is dew or moisture still on the plants, or after a light rain.
  • It is a long lasting, effective powder.
  • Insects do not build up resistance to Diatomaceous Earth as it is works by dehydration.
  • REMEMBER: To avoid the flower itself so that you do not kill bees.

Improved Soil:

  • Dig Diatomaceous Earth into your soil to improve soil structure and provide silica for your plants.
  • Diatomaceous Earth helps improve the stem structure of plants and over all health of plants.
  • Healthy soils means healthy plants, which in turn gives you healthy livestock.
  • Silica is critically important for the cellular structure of plants.

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