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Diatomaceous Earth for Farming

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Using Diatomaceous Earth for farms or large gardens is quite easy.

While silica is critical for plant cellular health, it is wise to note that putting too much Diatomaceous Earth can also be damaging to both the beneficial insects and the critters in the soil.

It is also prudent to apply Diatomaceous Earth before planting to avoid harming bees.

Simple Formula

  • For young or smaller plants such as vegetables and other low ground crops, spread as little as 40 KG per Hectare is usually adequate.
  • For larger plants, such as trees, shrubs etc, 120 KG per Hectare is applied. (* 2.2 acres to 1 hectare)

These application rates only need to be done once every 5 - 10 years or so (depending on rain, acidity of the soil, erosion etc).

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